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The MODSSR230*1 is solvently a State relay with radiator box for load currents to 20A with 40°C and tensions 12-230V AC. Under help of an external voltage supply and our relay modules you can steer with this relay 230V signals from your PC. It is switching with tension zero crossover with active overvoltage protection.

•General I/O
Holding current: 5mA
Maximum current: 250A for 10ms di/dt = 50 A/us
Leakage current: 1mA
Energy dissipation: 24W with 20A
Working temperature: -30°C - +80°C


Input voltage: 3,5V - 32V DC
Input current: 15.3 mA

Type of load: AC 51 and AC 53
Load current 20A with 40° C (5A for AC 53)
Maximum operating voltage: 275V AC
Minimum operating voltage: 12V AC

Compact power supply

Compact power supply

Compact power supply

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