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PT100 temperature sensors are common used because of their easy use and their large measurement range. Because of their nearly linear temperature/resistance curve they can be easily and quickly be used for nearly any temperature measurement. Their only disadvantage is that the resistance cannot be measured directly with any A/D-card. As for this we developed the PARPT100 module, which allows you to use PT100 temperature sensors without any disadvantages. With support from the QLIB, the QUANCOM driver library, you simply can measure and calculate the corresponding temperature. Of course this only works with QUANCOM A/D-cards. The power supply for this module may vary from 8 to 24V which is rather enough for nearly any given power supply.

•General I/O
supply voltage: 8V ... 24V

PT100 in 2/3/4 - wire techniques
for sensors in range of -200°C bis +850°C

Output voltage : 0-10V
binding posts: for wires up to 1,0 mm²

•Temperature Range
0...50 °C

PT100 Temperature sensor

Temperature sensor (waterresistant)

Compact power supply

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