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This professional board has a 4 channel D/A converter, wich has a resolution of 16 Bit. As a D/A board only, this board has excelent properties. Each of the 4 D/A channels may be setup by jumper to 2.5V, 5V, 10V maximum output value separatly. With the Burr-Brown REF1004i high precision reference voltage the generated output voltage has a high linearity and high stability with high precision. The Burr-Brown D/A converter DAC7644 is a pure 16 Bit D/A converter which is programmed with 4 16 Bit registers and one latch-DAC and one reset-register each. Each channel has it's own sensing input to montior the final output voltage at the point where it is needed.
During initialisation of the PC (reset or power on) the auto reset-circuit prevents unwanted output voltage at the D/A outputs.
Eine The board is supported by the QLIB (QUANCOM Driver Library), and therefore allows an easy programming under WIndows 2000, NT 4.0, 95, 3.11, HP-Vee and LabView.

D/A Chip: DAC 7644E
Output channels: 4
Resolution: 16 Bit
Conversion time: 25 µs
Output voltages: + 10 V, + 5V, + 2.5V, 10V, 5V, 2.5V (selectable per channel)
Output current: typ. + 10mA, Max.+23mA, -17mA
Digital outputs: 2 (TTL)



•Temperature Range
0...50 °C

37 pin. D-SUB cable

Terminal Block for D-Sub 37 pin Cable

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