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QCLI - abbrevation of QUANCOM Command Line Interface - was developed to give the user a fast and simple way to conrol QUANCOM hardware.

No Programming Knowledge Needed
By using QCLI it is possible to control the hardware without knowledge of any programming language. The hardware reacts by using only a few command lines.

Controlling Hardware through Script Languages
Because some programming, and most script languages don´t support including DLLs it was not possible to control QUANCOM hardware with those. By using QCLI this is possible now, and open whole new ways for controlling QUANCOM devices. For example PHP on a webserver could call a string on the servers console which then switches the outputs of a module.

Sample Strings
The following strings show how simple it is to control the devices by using QCLI

Switch on relays 1, 2, 3 and 8 of an USBREL8
>> qcli USBREL8 out on 1,2,3,8

Switch on relay 5 of an USBOPTOREL16
>> qcli USBOPTOREL16 out off 5

Check the state of input 1, 2 and 5 of an USBOPTOREL32
>> qcli usboptorel32 in state 1,2,5

Manual for QCLI
PDF Manual for QCLI Command Line Tool
[Download 148.2KB]

QCLI QUANCOM Command Line Interface
( Windows Executable )

QUANCOM QCLI provides the user with a simple to use command line tool to control QUANCOM hardware.

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