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The QI104-RELAY8/IN8 is a PC/104 module consists of eight isolated single-pole double-throw (SPDT) or form C relay channels and 8 optoisolated
inputs. The module provides a minimum of 1500Vrms electrical isolation between your PC/104 based system and the I/O contacts.
The module is capable of switching voltages up to 48V DC / 30V AC and currents up to 1 A per channel. The maximum power switching rating
is 60W for resistive loads. The 8 opto-isolated inputs range from 0 ... ±30V DC/AC.

•General I/O
Input channels: 8
Opto-Input votage range: 10 to 30V
Switching voltage level: approx. 5V
Opto-Input votage: 30V
Max. input frequency: 10KHz (filter off)
Max. input frequency: 50Hz (filter on)
Relay power switching: 60W
Max. switching voltage: 48V DC / 30V AC
Storage temperature: -40...+125°C
Power consumption: 250mA @ 5V
MTBF: 90,000hrs

•Temperature Range
-20...+70 °C

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