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The Plug & Play able USB TTY Module with 20mA loop isolates the USB interface electrically over DC/DC transducers and data opto couplers to the TTY COM side. Additionally stromsensitiven 20 mA of loop signals are indicated to TXD, RXD over light emitting diodes. The data stream can be given as normal or inverted loop signal over Jumper. Further both data channels can independently (+-tx / +-rx) passive or actively preset become. The burden (background tension) amounts to 12 V, which loop stream internally limited over two 1-Watt of pre-resistors on ever 20 mA. The data direction is usually steered with TTY with the XON/XOFF or none handshake software minutes. Unused handshake lines (CTS, RTS, DTR, DSR, DCD) were bridged directly in the ispLSI1016, in order to guarantee a self check of the converter to provide the greatest possible software compatibility.

•Temperature Range
5..50 °C

Top-Hat Rail

USB 4-port switch for max. 12Mbit - switchable to 1,5Mbit

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Operating Systems
Windows 2000
Win 2000 Server
Windows XP (32/64)
Win 2003 Server (32/64)
Windows Vista (32/64)
Windows 7 (32/64)
Win Server 2008 (32/64)
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