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    Alternatives or successors:

  • PWDOG1 PCI Watchdog for Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 / Server 2k-2008 R2 / NT / 98 and Linux Kernel

  • PWDOG2N PCI Watchdog for Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 / Server 2k-2008 R2 / NT / 98 and Linux Kernel

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The technical concept of the QUANCOM watchdog2 was sold more than 10000 times. With a second relay, another device can be reset in addition to the computer. The board supports pc motherboards with ATX power supply without reset switch. The card is equipped with drivers for the following operating systems: Microsoft Windows NT 4.x, Microsoft Windows 95/98, Microsoft Windows 3.11 and DOS.

•General I/O
access interval: 30 ms / 0,5 s / 4 s / 1 min / 4 min / 8 min / 12 min
control display: 1*LED indicating active / not active, 1*LED when reaching the timeout

1 switch-on relay: max 1A / 15 W
1 switch-over relay: max 0,25 / 3 W
relay reaction time: 0,5 s / 2 s / 8 s / infinite (relay stays switched on until card is deactivated)

1D0, 2B0, 310, 330

•Default I/O


•Internal Timebase
8 MHz

•Temperature Range
5...50 °C

Manual for Watchdog Cards and Modules
This is the manual for all our watchdog cards and modules. This includes the PWDOG1, PWDOG2N, PCI-EXP-WDOG1, PCI-EXP-WDOG2, USBWDOG2 and USBWODG3
[Download 7.8MB]

DOS / TSR Background program for DOS and Windows 3.1x

TSR background program for DOS 6.x and Windows 3.1x activates, controls the Watchdog board and checks system functions [Download 5.2KB]

QCLI (QUANCOM Command Line Interface)
The QUANCOM Command Line Interface (QCLI) was made for all those which don´t have programming experience or knowledge.

It is a simple command line tool which makes it able to control our I/O and Watchdog boards with some very simple strings.

Note that this procedure is not as fast as a programm written in a higher programmiung language, for example C.
[Download 56KB]

QCLI (QUANCOM Command Line Interface)
Das Quancom Command Line Interface (QCLI) ist für diejenigen gedacht, die sich in der Programmierwelt nicht zurechtfinden, oder auch keine Lust haben sich ein eigenes Programm für den Zugriff auf unsere QUANCOM Karten zu schreiben. Da das QCLI recht simpel gehalten ist, ist es um ein wesentliches langsamer, verglichen zu einem gut programmierten Programm. Mit einfachen Funktionen der QAPI lassen sich über das QCLI QUANCOM Karten und Module bedienen und konfigurieren. [Download 32.1KB]

WDSERV 24/7 Background Service for QUANCOM Watchdogcards
The WDSERV is an add-on for machines that require 24 h availability. The WDSERV NT 4.x, Windows 2000 and Windows XP service executes the necessary accesses on the watchdog in the background. After a system crash the system will be rebooted automatically. The program works totally in the background, so nobody has to be logged on at the machine. The WDSERV service itself has no user interface and no components that need configuration. [Download 3873.8KB]

QCLI QUANCOM Command Line Interface
( Windows Executable )

QUANCOM QCLI provides the user with a simple to use command line tool to control QUANCOM hardware.

[ Further Information to QCLI ]

[ Online-Documentation to QCLI ]

[Download 56KB]

Watchdog ATX Cable

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