These Bus-extenders are developed to do tests and measurements at PC-boards. The developer saves a lot of time and money when using the bus-extenders.

    Operational Area  
Bus Typ Operational Areas Additional Properties
PCI-EXT64PCI 64bit Extender Development and Production Full 64 Bit Ext. fused operating voltages
The upper PCI slot is seperately deliverable and exchangeable
Works in 64 and 32 bits slots
External Power for Unit Under Test (UUT)
PC Remote control
Hot Insertion capable  More info...

PCI-EXT-ADA3PCI Adapter Development and Production 3,3V Adapter for the PCI-Extender64
PCI Test Adapter Slot
Bustype: PCI-64Bit
3,3 Volts  More info...

PCI-EXT-ADA5PCI Adapter Development and Production 5V Adapter for the PCI-Extender64
PCI Test Slot Adapter
Bustype: PCI-64Bit
5 Volts  More info...


The bus-extenders for PCI- and ISA-bus avoid unnessesary off and on-swtiching of the PC though disconnection of each signal and power from the top socket. There is no need for a system-restart to change a board.


These boards are proper for development and tests of new boards.