Quickstart Guide for Linux

This only is a short guide for adept users. The complete instalation guide is here

Quickstart for USB driver

Step 1:
Enter the directory module of the directory created by unzipping the driver archive and type the command
>> make

Step 2:
After successfully compiling the driver you will have to install it by typing
>> make insmod

Please note, that root rights are required for this step. Additionally the module will be owned by root.

Step 3:
Connect the USB module and check that the drivers have successfully been installed by entering the command
>> dmesg | tail
Here the output should look like this

>> [ 67.961847] quancom driver: probing vendor id 0xa7c, device id 0x10
>> [ 67.961851] quancom driver: QUANCOM USBOPTOREL32 detected.
>> [ 67.962005] quancom driver: registering: major = 180, minor = 132, node = qusb0
>> [ 67.962009] quancom driver: firmware version 1.00
>> [ 67.962038] usbcore: registered new interface driver qusbdrv
>> [ 67.962040] quancom driver: quancom_init: driver registered
>> [ 67.962042] qusbdrv: 1.4.0:QUANCOM USB Module Driver

Step 4:
Compile the QLIB by entering the directory qlib and running
>> make

Step 5:
After compiling the QLIB you may test the module with one of our sample sources. Therefore simply enter the directory of the module you have and type
>> make

Step 6:
Start the just compiled binary as root by entering
>> sudo ./usbtest
otherwise, if you do not want to use root rights every time, you may also change the permissions for the device qusbx in /dev to fit your needs.