Linux Installation Notes and Information

If you want to communicate with our cards and modules using Linux you need a Kernel module on the one hand an a QLIB on the other The kernel is just responsible for the communication layer but most of the work is done by the QLIB.

Quickstart ( Driver Installation & QLIB )

For a fast start of development you will find a short quickstart guide on how to build the drivers and the QLIB if you follow the link below

 Quickstart Guide for Driver and QLIB

Driver Installation

After downloading the driver archive (i.e. version 1.4.0 of our USB driver ) you will need to unzip it with one of the following commands.

>> tar xvzf quancom_usb-1.4.0.tar.gz
>> unzip

After unzipping the archive and entering the created directory you need to proceed with the

 Installation of the kernel module.

Installation of the QLIB

The QLIB is the API to communicate with our modules and cards. For more information please follow the link below.

 Building QLIB for Linux